Offers, whilst stocks last, on all clothing & kit that is non-continuing 2020 and earlier. Web Only Offer / Temp Offer / Special & Limited Edition stock is not included in sale. We have made every effort to make sure no product has been missed however please contact us if you are trying to purchase sale stock that you believe has not been given 50% off in error. Certain product lines may be omitted if they have been given discount in error. Please be aware that all example products displayed in our marketing are/were in stock at the time of writing, if you find the product no longer available the stock has been ordered the prior to your viewing.

For all enquiries please email the team at info@gear4motorcycles.co.uk




Offers are exclusive of one another and only one can be used at a time. Not in conjunction with any other offers. Products being purchased with this offer must be at full RRP and cannot be sale items. This offer is in store only, we cannot accept items via post and will not cover postage costs for items sent to us in error. The trade in items must be like for like, for example to purchase a helmet and receive the offer you must trade in an old helmet, for boots you must trade in old boots etc. Eligible products for trade in are as follows:-
-Jacket & Pants (Street)
-Top & Pants (Offroad)

The 'Scrappage Scheme' allows two tiers of savings detailed below:-
£200+ on kit (helmet, boots or top/pant combo) at RRP grants £25 off
£400+ on kit (helmet, boots or top/pant combo) at RRP grants £50 off.